• Manual Furniture Mover FM60

    Manual Furniture Mover FM60

    ▲ Safely operated by one person. ▲ Robust lifting mechanism. ▲ Sold in one set only. Feature Matured quality; Popular model; Hardlift hot sale item. Model   FM60 Load Capacity (kg) 600 Lifting Height (mm) 300 Lifting Plate W×D (mm) 225×120 Wheel, Ployurethane (mm) Ф125 Overall Size L×W×H (mm) 570×390×780 Net Weight (kg) 25
  • Hydraulic Furniture Move FM Series

    Hydraulic Furniture Move FM Series

    ▲ For professional transport of heavyweight items. ▲ Ideal for delivery, removal, maintenance and assembly applications. ▲ For switch cupboards, safes, containers and machinery. ▲ Sold in one set only. Feature: Matured quality; Popular model; Hardlift hot sale item. Model   FM180A FM180B Load Capacity (kg) 1800 1800 Lifting Height (mm) 100 250 Lifting Plate W×D (mm) 600×60 600×60 Wheel, Polyurethane (mm) Ф150 Ф150 Overall Size L×W×H (mm) 680×420×1000 680×420×1070 Net Weight ...
  • Mechanic Jack MJ series

    Mechanic Jack MJ series

    ▲ Lift the object from the floor easily. ▲ Use handle bar to lift the object first and slide the jack under this object, then slide corner movers in accordingly. then slide corner movers in accordingly. ▲ Sold in set only. Including 1pc lifting handle and 2pcs mechanic jacks. Model MJ1000A MJ1000B Lifting Cpapacity Per Pair (kg) 1000 1000 Min. / Max. Lifting Height (mm) 12 / 50 12 / 50 Wheel Diameter (mm) Φ138×28 Φ138×28 Material of Wheel Steel Polyurethane Overall Size (mm) 16...
  • Corner Movers AR Series

    Corner Movers AR Series

    Video ▲ Easily glides over pallet to quickly load or unload 55-gallon drums,Grabs drums from the middle of a standard pallet with a drum claw grab,raises the drum up, and redistributes them throughout the facility. ▲ Also removes drums from the corner of containment skids. Feature Matured quality; Most popular model in EU and US market; Price advantage than other items with same function. Model DT250 DT300A Lifting Capacity 250kg / 550lbs 300KG Lifting Height 245mm / 13.58R...
  • Electric Order Picker  WF series

    Electric Order Picker WF series

    ▲ Dramatically reduces strain, increases safety and productivity in those repeat picking applications. ▲ Hand pushed unit which is easy to manoeuvre. ▲ Quick battery operated lift to desired height. ▲ Two parking brakes ensure safety rest. ▲ Supplied with battery and automatic charger. ▲ With added safety features: mandatory two handed controls safety bar, etc. ▲ Conforms to EN280. Model   WF200 Capacity (including operator) (kg) 200 Lowered Table Height  (mm) 670 Raised Table He...
  • Forklift Maintenance Platform  NK series

    Forklift Maintenance Platform NK series

    ▲ For overhead access and maintenance with safety. ▲Spring loaded inward opening door with safety latch for safety entry. ▲Unit is secured to the fork with heel pins and chain. ▲Slip-resistant floor with drainage holes. ▲Conforms to health and safety Guidanle mte PM25 and GN48 standard. ▲Less storage space, portable and easy to assemble. ▲Wheel fitted for easy manoeuvring. Model NK30A NK30B NK30C Max. Capacity (kg) 300 300 300 Deck Size (mm) 950×950 1200×1000 1000×1000 Max. Height (...
  • Pallet Pullers PU Series

    Pallet Pullers PU Series

    The pallet pullers are used to pull loaded pallets, slide heavy crates, etc., to edge of dock or truck, so it can be picked up with forklift truck. Variable jaw width grabs pallet securely and automatically releases. Rugged steel construction. 2-3/4” high heads are self-cleaning and unaffected by wood particles, paint or grease. 1/4” proof coil chain included for attaching pull chain. A. Double Scissor Action M odel: PU10 one-piece curved heads have integral spurs for gripping pallet stringer...
  • Scissor Aerial Work Platform ES Series

    Scissor Aerial Work Platform ES Series

    * Explosion-proof lock valve to avoid a sudden drop if emergency occurs. * Equip two emergency switch : one is on the controller, one is on the chassis which could be operated on the ground. * Electric lifting & manual propel * Wheels will be self-locking when the platform is lifted. * Emergency Switch could freeze the work platform immediately. * Overload protection facility is equipped on, the lift will not work when overloaded. * All the work platforms are passed 1.2 times loading test...